How to make people pay you for your advice: Make your expert business thrive

Are you someone who believes that you have the power to change lives? Do you feel confident that you have message for people that the power to transform themselves into their most authentic selves? Do you wish you could be in a position as an expert advisor where people would seek you out for your advice?

Then this is for you. You have a message, a purpose and a medium – all you need now is a voice to give you the authority and legitimacy to air your opinions and make people follow you.

Oh, but you feel as though you don’t have the right skills to achieve that.

This is just what you need to know.

You don’t have to be the smartest or most qualified person for people to follow your lead. All you need is to be one step ahead of the people you wish to help. In fact, don’t be deterred by people who are ahead of you and make the effort to help people who are behind you in any knowledge area.

Most expert businesses are in the are of three core markets – Health, wealth and relationships.

Choose your area wisely. Instead of picking a field that seems to be thriving, pick a niche which you feel most adept at and which is underserved or undiscovered. From among the three markets pick the submarket that best suits your area of expertise.

Look at the other expert businesses in your submarket and differentiate your niche. Then create a clear message that will complement the other players in your market and not compete with them.

Use persuasion to draw your audience. People will do anything to have a person who supports them and encourages their dreams, helps them come to terms with their failures, allays their fears, confirms their suspicions and helps them to overcome their weaknesses.

People are more likely to follow you when you have a proven track record of having achieved what you have. They will follow you to become like you and to replicate your success model in their life. So, the more you share the message of your success with someone the more they will believe and want to follow you

You need to give your followers the hope and the unshaken belief that they can become better so that they are receptive to the idea od change when you offer it to them. Encourage their dreams, and give them the hope of being able to arrive at something better. Paint a vision of the future that they want. Create your future based cause and give them a vision to align their efforts, hope and faith with.

Then when they join your following give them a new sense of identity. This is important to get them to follow your advice. When you make them feel like a part of a cause they also undergo and identity shift that helps them transition from the before to the after.This means they should be able to put the past failures behind them and move towards a better future with confidence and faith.

Think of easy slogans or captions that may be also added to merchandise. The whole point is to create a community of followers who also cooperate when necessary. The community would then gradually develop a subculture which will help not just the participants but also your brand.

Create the opportunity for your followers to have a new experience in the process and avoid the known pain of a past failed attempt at turning a new leaf. This would require you to give them a new tool rather than promising to improve upon the existing ones to deal with their problems.As people don’t have to accept making bad decisions in the past with an opportunity offer, there is no longer a discomfort and embarrassment of the past but a disconnect from what they are currently doing. They can just move on to something brand new with a fresh perspective.

The key is to avoid making an improvement offer – or the offer to fix what is not working, this is what your audience has tried and failed at multiple times. What they are interested in is an opportunity offer from your end – a promise to replace what is not working, with something better instead. When the process is new then the memory of the past pain is not associated with it.

As an expert always keep your focus on loading the status of your clients. All of them will ask the question at some point as to whether your solutions will enhance their status or decrease it. Your job is to load the scales on the gain in status. Minimise the risk factor by proving well thought product designs that include money back guarantees, risk reversals and the key to making a sale to associate it with assured rise in status.

The first step to creating belief in your followers is to figure the KEY IDEA you have to get someone to believe in to undo their resistance to change and make them appear irrelevant and easily overcome.

Build your brand around the key idea and let that be your identifying factor in the face of all competition as well.

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